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 Act 6 Scene 6 I Love a Happy Ending

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PostSubject: Act 6 Scene 6 I Love a Happy Ending   Act 6 Scene 6 I Love a Happy Ending I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2019 7:18 pm

They manage to infiltrate themselves into Felchester House through a side entrance amidst the panic and chaos; the smoke coming from the West wing is getting noticeably thicker and bright orange tongues of flame and the cracking sound of hot timber burning can be heard.

John: We’d better be careful, this fire is catching fast, we won’t have much time before this place becomes a blazing fireball.

Crew: Who started the fire?

John: Could be an accident caused by panic, we’re really pushing our luck by being here right now.

Cecilia: I know. It won’t take long. It’s this way. She leads them towards the ground floor room where she was kept when she was first taken to the house.

Little Suzy are you there? There is a sudden and tangible cold breeze which passes through the room.

Little Suzy appears but upon seeing Cecilia she shines with a bright light and seems far more animated and happier than she was before.

Little Suzy: I’m here Miss. There was a Shire-Reeves that they poisoned but I managed to speak to him and he called the other Shire-Reeves and now they  have come, now they have had to burn down this evil old house to hide all their secrets. But why do they have to make so much noise with their magic carriages, it is very disturbing, but I think this will be the end for them. I am very glad.

Cecilia become Kora again as soon as she sees Little Suzy.

Kora: Hello little Suzy, you know you've been here a long long time and you’ve given us so much help in ruining the horrible party of these horrible people. I think it’s time you moved on to where you belong.

Little Suzy: I don’t even know where I belong or who I am anymore. I can only just remember that I'm a little girl.

Kora: You're much more than that Little Suzy. Most people living in the world have exactly the same problem, but they’ve forgotten that they’ve even forgotten it. But if I give you a reminder then it will all come back to you and you will be able to do the rest. You’ve been in darkness here for too long, you need some light Little Suzy, that’s all it takes to find your way home.

Little Suzy: What do you mean Miss?

Kora: Light is something that moves very fast, so fast the everything is standing sill compared to it. This world Suzy is standing still, it’s not going anywhere, but once you become light, then you will be able to leave this all far behind and go anywhere you want.

Little Suzy: I don’t know how Miss, and I wouldn’t want to leave you behind Miss, you’re the only friend I know.

Kora: But I’m in the light too Little Suzy, that’s why I’m a Goddess, and Little Suzy, you’ll be surprised at how many friends you’ve got, and your family, that you’ve forgotten, you’ll see them all again Suzy.

Little Suzy: But how can I Miss? I’ve been here so long, how can they remember me?

Kora: But you’re the one who’s been waiting Suzy. In the light there’s no time at all. All the time is trapped here in the darkness. In the light yesterday today, next week or ten thousand years later is all the same. But I can’t explain it to you, you need to believe it and see it for yourself.

Crew: I’ve seen it.

Steve: Have you?

Crew: Yeah, when I got poisoned by Jimson weed and nearly died.

Steve: So what was it like?

Crew: It felt like I was in two places at once. Like the front of my face was looking at you with my eyes and talking to you, but it was like my face was just under a little pool of water and I was talking to you through it, but at the same time everything else, the rest of my body, my head, and my presence was in another world, a world of light that’s always here, except, we’re just trapped underwater and that’s all we can see, but somehow, if we could somehow turn our mind inward and behind us, instead of always looking outward and ahead, then we would join it again. It made me realise how we got here in the first place, it might seem strange but we're all running away, that's how we got here, we ran away.

Steve: Ran away? From what?

Crew: Something we couldn't face. Maybe something we did in our previous life, maybe something we were scared of, a bad memory, guilt, shame, something trying to scare us. So we ran away from it, and ended up here, being born into a body where we could start again and escape from our memories. This is why the universe is always expanding, this is the cause of widening entropy and chaos. Everything is trying to escape from everything else because it does not know its true self and true nature. We only have to know who we are and what we are truly part of, and turn around because that's where we all came from.

Steve: Is that still you Crew, or are you still possessed by extra-terrestrial intelligence?

Crew: Nothing quite educates you like experience.

Little Suzy: So what do I do Miss?

Kora: You just have to not be frightened anymore.

Kora raises her hand and there is the uncanny feeling of a sudden dawn bring warmth and light into the room, not directly in the room itself, but more bringing the presence of infinite eternal light into everybody’s minds. There are sudden floods or memories, the remembrance of presences and faces long forgotten and the sight of a distant land, separated by eternity but only distant from this world by a thought.

Little Suzy: Oh my oh my Miss. I can see my mama, she’s smiling and the sun is shining, she wants me to come to her. My little brother is there, I’d forgotten about him, he died when he was only young of the miasma that came up from the river. Oh my oh my, can I go?

Kore: Of course, you must go. You will soon forget this place just as the fire is now burning the evil away, soon none of this will even exist. Go now Little Suzy, and don’t forget I will always be there in the light with you.

Little Suzy: Good bye Miss, good bye you farming men. Thank you.

She smiles a smile of total radiance and visibly shines with sparkling effervescence of inner light. Then she disappears from this world forever and Kore becomes Cecilia again.

John: Well I love a happy ending.

What they failed to notice was that room was slowly filling with smoke from the fire which they could now feel as a blast of searing heat blowing through the old house.

Steve: It’ll be our ending if we don’t get out of here.

They try to leave through the way they came but thick smoke has made the way impassible and they can’t find their way back. They cautiously retrace their steps and try the front door but find it locked, presumably because someone wants to impede the arrival of the fire-brigade.

Cecilia: We’ll have to go upstairs, the blaze isn’t so bad up there, looks like it was started on the ground floor.

John: It’s a risky strategy, but we’ll choke to death if we stay here.

They go upstairs and attempt to find a window they can escape out of. They pass through several rooms of what appear to be images of renaissance pornography, they notice that the whole floor is decorated with finely executed and extremely valuable scenes of hand painted Italian pornography.

Steve: Wow, you don’t see this stuff at the National Gallery.

They find a window with a balustrade overlooking a heavy growth of ivy.

John: We can climb over the balustrade and climb down the ivy.

They make their way carefully without being spotted by the police and get back safely to where John had hidden the car.

John: It’s going to be a bit of a tight squeeze in the back.

Steve: You can stick me in the boot as long as we get the hell out of here.

John: You'll be back in your council-flat paradise in no time.

Steve: Oh no!

John: With concern What is it?

Steve: I knew there was something I'd forgotten.

Crew: What is it?

Steve: I forget to pick any mushrooms.

They laugh and begin the drive back to London.


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Act 6 Scene 6 I Love a Happy Ending
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